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    Froggy application


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    Riott Newbie

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    Froggy application

    Post  Froggy on Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:00 pm

    RL Name:Ray
    Character name (the one you wish to promote):Froggy
    Current level:20 or something but there is gonna be reset right?
    How many years you've played Tibia:6
    What is your experience (e.g.Making, Playing) OT Servers?mapping, hosting, spriting, lots
    Why do you think you should be excepted for the job?because im mature and not a powerabuser whatsoever. i have never had any problems also im intelligent. i dont lie(its an issue with me)
    How do you like Riott OTServer?well actually i didnt really like it too much when i played it before. hopefully it will be better this time around.
    Kristofer Van Orton

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    Re: Froggy application

    Post  Kristofer Van Orton on Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:09 am

    Well you sounds like a good applicant. According to your character page, it is actually lvl 19 now I'm guessing because of deaths, and you haven't logged on in three days...but you posted this today? Either way get your character a level and we will make you a tutor. PS sorry if you didn't like the server but it is updated constantly and will be around for a very long time. (once you are approved as a tutor, reach lvl 101 to be given a senior tutor (on some servers Counselor) position.
    Thank you for your time to sign up for the forums and post an application.

    PSS --People seem to get confused, where did you hear that? Anyway I think people have been getting confused, when I say reset I just mean a reset of the server in order to apply updates, there will be no resets ever made to this server, your character will remain.

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