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    There must be a bug.

    Kristofer Van Orton

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    There must be a bug.

    Post  Kristofer Van Orton on Wed Oct 07, 2009 4:41 pm

    Cooper and Markita or whatever have jumped up over 100 lvls in a night. Cooper is now 143 or so and Markita is 175. There must be some kind of bug. I am not currently going to take action but if I find a bug and found that neither Cooper nor Markita reported it but simply abused it they will both have their account deleted. So does anyone know about a bug like this?
    --Cooper and Markita, I apologize if you really did gain these levels but it's not looking likley especially considering your last deaths still are both at about lvl 50.
    If there is a bug I need to know, I really doubt Markita gained like 100 levels in one night. It seems very likley to me it's a bug. What do you guys think?
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